Archaeological dating radioisotopes

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Archaeological dating radioisotopes

But this claimed parallelism only works if one overlooks the details of the text.The heavenly bodies made on day 4 were placed in the expanse, which was made on day 2 (not day 1).This shows that Jesus’ default hermeneutic was: just read it, it means what it says.27 Even most old-earth proponents recognize that Genesis 1–11 is history.28 And virtually all Christians prior to the 19th century read it that way.So there are many good biblical and historical reasons for taking Genesis 1–11 as literal history in which all the details matter and are inerrant.

Can we harmonize that with the teaching of God’s Word?The early chapters of Genesis are not poetry,21 a series of parables or prophetic visions, or mythology.The chapters recount God’s acts in time-space history: acts of creation, providence, and redemption.Today, many Christians, including many leaders and scholars, think they can.From my reading and interaction with old-earth creationists of all varieties in 25 countries over the last 35 years, I think one reason many of them think they can harmonize the two is that they have not paid very careful attention to the relevant biblical texts.

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Christian leaders proposed the gap theory4 or the day-age view5 of Genesis 1 to accommodate all those years.

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