Indische koreniny online dating

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Indische koreniny online dating

Expansion of Hinduism and Buddhism and distribution of Nestorian sites. They bring it to their houses, and they put it to dry on mats in the sun or on reeds in the smoke as [one does with] chestnuts. Where their hand cannot reach, they substitute the pole for it; and when the basket is filled they send it back down the rope. 77 "Much used and spent all over India, by all the inhabitantes, [Indians], Moors, Heathens and Iewes, whatsoever" (Huyghen van Linschoten [1596-1598], ed. Small vol- canic islands, such as the northern Moluccas, are ideal. These precautions are observed lest the tree should be alarmed and bear no fruit, or should drop its fruit too soon...." 20 Cloves need good drainage, a rich loamy soil, and a continuously warm, humid climate (approximately 150 centimeters of rain annually). I53M353 2003 382'.41383'0959850902— dc21 2003048160 Design and Composition Book Design Studio Copyrighted material To the memory of JIM PARSONS 1915-1997 Itinerant Geographer ..lies Of Ternate and Tidore, whence Merchants bring Thir spicie Drugs: ... Tome Pires reported that there were six harvests each year or almost contin- uous harvesting. 25 Cloves that have not been properly dried lose weight by dehydration in tran- sit to the disadvantage of the merchant. Branch and flower buds of the clove tree, caryophyllum. The respective motives for expansion were broadly similar: the presence of desirable natural products and rumors of great wealth, inducements that ultimately brought Europeans into the same arena. Here, Rumphius observed, trees started to flower after seven or eight years, in Amboina after ten or twelve years, 19 the latter a measure of their relatively recent introduction.

Clove trade — Indonesia — Maluku — History — To 1500. Nutmeg industry— Indonesia— Maluku— History— To 1500. Sandalwood trade— Indonesia— Maluku— History— To 1500. A small fraction was used in central and western Indonesia, but only a minute amount in the Moluccas themselves. 1350, and tribute in cloves, nutmeg, and sandal- wood (or sandalwood products) to the Chinese court. South East Asia: principal European centers of administration, entrepots, and factories, 151 1-ca. When in blossom the trees were "treated like pregnant women: no noise may be made near them; no light or fire may be carried past them at night; no one may approach them with his hat on, all must uncover in their presence. Cloves, nutmeg, and sandalwood as "natural products" in Chinese sources before ca. Sketch map of the Moluccas and representation of a clove tree. In the middle of the nineteenth century, and probably long before, ceremonies were performed to ensure fertility and guarantee a good harvest. They pick the clove with their hands, breaking the ends of the boughs bearing it, and throw it into the saloi. And they fasten it with some cord around their shoulders, and thus it stays on their back.

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Voyages of Ludovico Varthema (1505) and Antonio de Abreu (1511-1512), Malacca to eastern Indonesia and return. 1400 b.), and Moti (1200 b.) were the prin- cipal producers or, more accurately, exporters. From the early fifteenth century, the greater part of the crop must have passed through Malacca, whether en route for India and the West, or for mainland South East Asia and China.

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