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Naught robot sex chat

Yesterday we both felt, and began to act human again. Not once in my life have I not been able to motivate myself to get my work done, even if it meant I had a roll of toilet paper on the desk and blew my nose or coughed and hacked between every sentence.After two straight weeks of living as if we might die, suddenly, we’re not totally well, but we’re not on the edge of dying, either. When the doc said this could last two weeks, I didn’t believe her. This whole sick-thing has been an education, if nothing else because, for the first time in my life, I had a hard time writing. That part of my consciousness seemed to run on automatic pilot. And it hasn’t totally returned, so this is going to be a shortened .During my lifetime, the momentous happenings that call forth images of where we all were at that exact moment include only an assassination and a man in a bulbous suit making a giant leap for mankind. In the months ahead, we’ll have a better handle on what the effects will be.But, as momentous as those events may have been, they didn’t carry with them the endless “what if” scenarios that are attached to the sudden introduction of terrorism into the fabric of daily life in American. Now, however, we just wish we could fast forward into the future and see exactly what lies there.Anyway, we’re a week into 2018 and the national/international news is as chaotic as ever but I predict the year will be a good one.For one thing, I’m certain we’re not going to come to blows with North Korea.I used to think that instructing would get static and boring, but instead it has become more dynamic and exciting than ever.

The ruins of the World Trade Center are still smoldering and an aerial armada of potential retaliation is streaming across to Air Force bases in the Far East.I’ve been instructing for 36 years, not a long time compared to many, but long enough to give me a perspective.At about the twenty year mark I was thinking that I’d seen it all and nothing would surprise me.However, there are also thousands of instructors who for some unknown reason have decided that this is what they are going to do with their lives. The attraction is similar to what makes school teachers what they are. Something about the process of passing along hard-won knowledge is satisfying enough to ignore all the downsides to the career.They too could find better jobs but those other jobs wouldn’t scratch an essential itch. Also, as the instructor builds hours, he or she builds a psychological understanding of the cockpit environment that continues to increase until they realize that the more they instruct, the less they feel they know.

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However, when these words finally find their way into print, most of our concerns will be history.

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