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Older women free sex chats south africa

I can't quite believe how lucky we are.'I want to do everything I can to make sure I am a good role model for her and I don't want to be one of those old mums who can't play or run around.'My fitness has become a real priority.

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Speaking about the moment she learned she was expecting, Lisa said: 'I just couldn't believe it.

I took six and I still have them''I am loving being a mum.

While admitting it was strange hearing the much younger ages of the other expectant mums in the hospital waiting room, Lisa said she never let herself worry about the risks of having a baby later in life.

First-time parents Lisa and Michael were overjoyed to welcome their baby girl Izobel Owen into the world the day before Father's Day on June 18, 2016.

It was really disheartening being told there just weren't any signs of life.'We would go in to get the embryos transferred to be told there was actually nothing to transfer. But we kept going and decided to fly to South Africa as they use different IVF drugs.'It was an expensive endeavour, and when the first go failed again it did leave us feeling quite deflated.'One of my friends who had also been having IVF actually found out she was pregnant at the same time we found out it hadn't worked.'It is devastating when everyone seems to be getting what they want and we just couldn't get pregnant - but we agreed to give it one more go.'When we found out I was pregnant it made all the time, money and emotion so worth it.

'I tested much earlier than I was meant to and Michael was actually away for business in China. He was quite reserved, he was too afraid to get excited.'I just couldn't believe it.

He really looks after us - even if he has only changed about three nappies.

Now Lisa, who says she is 'loving' being a mum and never begrudges the sleepless nights because she feels so lucky, is encouraging other women of all ages not to give up on their IVF journeys.

Lisa said: 'I always thought I would have a family one day but then I never really got round to it.

The former fitness instructor is determined to keep fit and healthy so she can be a good role model for Izobel and so she is around for as much of her daughter's life as possible.

While one toddler to run around after might be more than most couples their age would want to cope with, Michael and Lisa would love to have another child.

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It was so heartbreaking.'When Izobel arrived there are just no words to describe how amazing it was to meet this little person. She was perfect.'She has thrived so much since she was born.

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