Samsung galaxy s3 email widget not updating

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Samsung galaxy s3 email widget not updating

Remove the back — something you can't do on the i Phone 5 — and you'll have access to the replaceable battery and micro SD Card slot. As a result, we found ourselves having to shift the device in our hand to move from the power button to the home button. While we appreciate the removable back cover on the Galaxy S4 and how light it is given its large display, the i Phone 5 offers a far more elegant, striking and user-friendly design.The S4 is fairly light for a 5-inch phone, weighing 4.6 ounces and measuring 0.25 inches thick. Size isn’t everything, but it definitely helps that the Galaxy S4 has an inch on the i Phone 5.The i Phone 5 offers a fairly sharp picture at 1136 x 640 pixels, but it trails the S4 with 326 ppi.

You can even customize which quick setting buttons appear at the top of the notification panel.

Google search on the S4 is more limited, letting us find apps, contacts and media, but not individual messages or appointments.

The Galaxy S4's Touch Wiz interface lets you do a lot more in less taps.

Apple's device is also easy to use with one hand, whereas the Galaxy S4 can be a stretch to reach across the screen with your thumb.

The Galaxy S4 has a more pedestrian plastic aesthetic, but it's certainly an improvement over the S3.

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We also love the brightness slider control in this panel, a setting that's buried on the i Phone.

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